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Manuals and Tutorials for Venom

Venom Tutorial

Essential for new users, includes comprehensive description of the development process, language concepts and some of the internal objects. Also covers advanced topics, such as user-defined classes.

Venom Tutorial (PDF)
Venom Tutorial (CHM)

Version 2018-01-02

Venom Help File

Recommended while coding as a quick and comprehensive reference to every keyword and object defined in the Venom Language. A copy of this file is bundled with VenomIDE to provide fast, context-sensitive help.
Help file (CHM)
Help file (PDF)

Version 2019-05-07
  • The Tutorial and Help file are both available in two formats: PDF and CHM.
  • The PDF versions are useful for reading like a book; the CHM versions are useful for reference.
  • These files may be opened directly* or may be installed into VenomIDE using drag and drop.

Opening CHM files directly

* Due to a security feature in Windows, if you want to open CHM files directly you will need to 'unblock' them and run them from your local drive, usually C or D.

To unblock a file: right click on the file, bring up Properties and click the Unblock button. VenomIDE will unblock CHM files automatically.

Quick Reference Card

A two (A4) page summary of Venom essentials. If you have access to a double-sided printer, this can be made into a handy laminated card.
Quick reference (PDF)

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